Abrasivos GC1


Abrasivos GC1

Suitable for Granite, Quartz, Ceramic,
Homogenous tile, Marble and Compressed marble

GC1 using Nano technology ultrafine structural materials, to create a better
and lasting shine against the traditional crystallization.
With the action of thermal force can uniformly penetrate into the gaps of
hard floor surface molecules and then solidify into a high strength rigid
transparent protective layer.
This results give you excellent shine and enjoys powerful properties
against dirt protection and its slip resistance.

1. Thoroughly clean the floor surface and let it dry.
2. Apply GC1 on the floor with 3M white pad with low speed scrubber.
3. Polish the floor until the chemical dries up and dust up the dust.
4. If the shine its not your requirement then repeat step 3 again.
5. Use dust mop to push up all the dust and it’s done.

First Aid:
If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Call a physician immediately.
If inhalation is excessive, bring the person for fresh air.
If unconscious please call emergency.