The Different Types of Garbage Bins and Their Uses

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The Different Types of Garbage Bins and Their Uses

A garbage bin, also known as garbage cans, rubbish bins, waste containers and dustbin, is a container that temporarily stores waste. Garbage bins are usually made out of metal or plastic. One can easily find garbage bins everywhere: in classrooms, in toilets, in shopping malls, and even walking down a park lane. A garbage bin’s primary function is to store disposable waste which its contents will be further disposed into dumpsters or the disposal waste center.

There are many different types of garbage bins as well as their functions, here is a list of various types of garbage bins: –


1. The traditional steel garbage bin 

  • When one hears the word “garbage bin”, the typical image that would pop up in one’s mind is a steel-made garbage bin with a lid over the bin. 
  • While people have started to use hard plastic garbage bins these days, steel garbage bins still exist despite contrary beliefs. 
  • This type of trash cans are pretty rugged and can stand for a long time, so there are some benefits of purchasing one. 
  • Steel garbage bins can withstand severe weather conditions, such as rain, snow and strong storms. 
  • A steel garbage bin can fit either one really large garbage bag or two large garbage bags, this makes it easier for garbage pickups.
  • Another benefit about a steel garbage bin is extremely durable and can last for a long time.


2. Rolling Garbage Bins

  • Rolling Garbage bins are one of the most convenient solutions when one considers buying a garbage bin.
  • Rolling garbage bins are capable of simply rolling around so one can get rid of one’s garbage of the week.
  • One would not need to carry individual disposal wastes down the driveway if one has these bins.
  • Able to hold two to three garbage bags within them.
  • It is easy to move rolling garbage bins around, which is a better solution for people who dislike carrying garbage out by hand.
  • It is common to find rolling garbage bins in neighborhoods.


3. Step-On Garbage Bins

  • Step-On garbage bins are made to be as convenient as the indoor models. 
  • One can be able to step on the lever located at the bottom of the bin in order to open up the lid to the garbage bin and would not even need to touch the bin with their hands
  • Easy and efficient to use
  • Cost efficient to handling wastes


4. Outdoor Open-Top Garbage Bin

  • One of the most common types of garbage bins one can find in a public setting
  • Easy to dispose waste into it by throwing the waste into the open hole and into the garbage bin
  • Has a pentagon design, which blends in easily to the environment 
  • Easy to throw away large amounts of waste
  • Can be fastened to the pavement to prevent movement during strong windy weathers
  • Portable


5. Outdoor Recycling Bin

  • Helps to cut down trash by recycling
  • Made for collecting recyclable items thrown into it
  • There are 3 types of recycling bins, which are Paper, Plastic, and Tin/Metal/Aluminium.
  • It is ideal if one has 3 types of recycling bins if one wishes to be more involved in recycling 


6. Trash Storage Shed

  • Capable of keeping trash out of elements
  • Meant to keep animals away from digging into the trash
  • Looks more like a dumpster with a lock
  • People normally keep trash storage shed away from their homes to avoid the odor of trash.
  • A more cost-effective route to handling trash


7. Outdoor Wicker Garbage Bin

  • A stylish option for handling waste in an outdoors setting
  • Looks attractive and functional
  • Wicker is fairly durable as it is made of metal
  • Keep it out of the rain as the garbage bin might rust
  • Is resistant to UV rays
  • Can last for a long time if one takes great care of it.


8. Compost Bin

  • While unconventional as compared to regular garbage bins, compost bin is an eco-friendly way of disposing waste
  • Compost bin can store food waste such as fruit peelings, paper, cardboard, leaves and other organic waste
  • Able to create fertilizer that can aid and improve your garden’s plants
  • While it may take weeks to create compost but once the compost is ready it will help your plants to grow healthily 
  • A convenient way of helping the environment