The Significance of Using Industrial Vacuums for Commercial Cleaning

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The Significance of Using Industrial Vacuums for Commercial Cleaning

One of the most important aspects of modern businesses is to prioritize the cleanliness of the business environment. A clean office usually means there will be a boost in productivity among workers. A clean office can say a lot about your business environment as well as giving a great first impression for your potential clients or anyone who walks into your office. 


More often, businesses would hire or request cleaning services from commercial cleaning companies. Commercial cleaning services would use the suitable equipment for cleaning office settings. One of these cleaning equipment every commercial cleaning service would have is using industrial vacuums. Using an industrial vacuum cleaning rather than a general home vacuum cleaning is actually more beneficial for business settings. In this article, we will be highlighting the significance of industrial vacuum cleaners for commercial cleaning.


Some of the main significant and beneficial features for industrial vacuums used in commercial cleaning include: 


  1. Industrial vacuums are 50% faster and perform more efficiently than regular brooms, and 30% faster than portable, smaller vacuum cleaners.
  2. They have a wide selection of types of tools and hoses. They can come in long hoses, large diameter hoses and special hoses.
  3. Industrial vacuums are quieter than their smaller counterparts, and are designed to operate 24/7.
  4. Exhaust from central vacuum cleaners can be discharged outside a building, thus blowing microbes, dust and pathogens to the outside. In comparison, small vacuum cleaners have poor filtering systems.
  5. Industrial vacuums can safely and easily handle items such as abrasive products, fluids, food products, and many more.

There are many advantages that can be gained when using industrial vacuums for commercial cleaning. Here are some of the advantages that highlight the importance of using industrial vacuums in cleaning office settings


1. Industrial Vacuums can Clean Larger Areas Faster

When you have a lot of square footage that needs to be cleaned on a constant basis, using a machine that is designed for that purpose will save you the time and money. Industrial vacuums are designed specifically to clean significant areas in a shorter amount of time. Due to the size of industrial vacuum cleaners, they are high in performance efficiency. When you invest in an industrial vacuum, you will be able to save on the time of cleaning as it will either take less people to clean the floors, or it will be done in less time.


2. Industrial Vacuums can Clean Deeper Areas

Due to the increased power of these machines, industrial vacuums are better able to get deep down into the carpet or rug pile and fabric and provide a more effective clean. The more effective that the cleaning is, the longer the carpet or rug will last and this will require you to replace your carpets less often, which will be saving even more money.


3. Industrial Vacuums Provide Many Health Benefits

One of the best features that comes with cleaning with industrial vacuum cleaners is that they have HEPA filtering systems which make them highly efficient at trapping bacteria, allergens and other microbes that contaminate the air and may get blown into the air because of vacuuming. By cleaning with industrial vacuums, it will make your business premises cleaner and healthier.


4. Industrial Vacuums can Save Money Long-Term

While most people would think that investing in an industrial vacuum can be extremely costly, however you would be surprised to know that industrial vacuums are designed to be used and can last you for a long time under tough conditions. Many businesses have relied on using traditional home-use vacuums when it comes to cleaning their office floors, however these types of vacuums do not have a long serving life and will be worn out within a year or two years because of overuse, abuse or neglect. These types of vacuums would require constant maintenance and repair in order to properly function which will cost more money. 


Overall, when it comes to cleaning corporate areas with substantial amounts of square footage, an industrial vacuum has much more efficiency in cleaning commercial offices.